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ITC Services

Helpdesk, tech support, software sales, support and maintenance.

With the shortage in IT skills more and more companies are turning to us for hardware support, pc and computer support.

Our service includes:

Telephone Technical Support

With the shortage in quality IT skills becoming more and more pressing companies are finding it harder than ever to recruit and retain the experienced staff they need. Yet instant access to the skills required to ensure optimal running of desktop applications, servers and networks is essential as technology is increasingly used to support fundamental business operations.

Helpdesk Services

The growing reliance of business on technology, coupled with the increasingly complex nature of today’s IT systems means the likelihood of technical problems has multiplied. So too has their potential to impact on overall business efficiency. It can be difficult for even the most well resourced company to keep abreast of changes and to respond to the fresh challenges they present.

Onsite Support

The increasing importance of network, server and applications technologies to the effective functioning of business operations means companies of all sizes and sectors can feel the strain when problems occur. These problems are often unpredictable and sometimes complex and can leave IT support departments in need of additional onsite assistance.

Online Support

ITC On-Line Support Service allows customers to log support calls and view the status of outstanding issues from our web site ( Our support staff will contact the customer either by telephone or e-mailto resolve the problem they have reported.

Server Monitoring

Pressure to improve efficiency is now a permanent feature of doing business and nowhere is this burden felt more than in running IT infrastructures and in particular, server operating systems. High standards of monitoring and maintenance are essential if IT support departments are to provide levels of service suitable for newer complex systems.


Online Backup

I-net-Backup provides a new way for you to backup your files using the internet. I-net-Backup is a highly secure off site storage of all your important computer files, ensuring that no mater what happens to your PC you will always be able to recover your files.

Remote Control Support

As IT continues to cement its role at the centre of corporate life the need to rapidly resolve network, server or applications problems has never been so crucial. Yet for many companies, making sure that problems are resolved before they impact the users is difficult either because they lack the necessary technical skills in-house.

Systems Administration

The demands companies place on IT systems to deliver results often leaves little time for general systems management or anticipating and preventing problems. But as systems become ever more complex the introduction of effective systems administration is essential to achieve the highest standards of performance.

Asset Management

The constant development and increasing complexity of the IT environment is not only fundamentally altering the way businesses run, it is prompting a rethink of how companies value and manage their asset base. IT has established itself as a bedrock for successful business, but it is also one of the most fluid and notoriously difficult assets to keep track of.

Full Management

With increased technological complexity and high-quality IT skills in short supply many companies may choose to source their IT support services externally. As users demand ever-better performance the burden on support staff in many companies can seem insurmountable.

Portfolio Management

The spiralling demands placed on IT support departments is a common feature of contemporary enterprise and often leads to quick fixes to problems that require more considered attention. As a result, the co-ordination of IT procurement and the standardisation of technology.

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